Friday, November 15, 2013

Chaplin vs. Sacha Baron Cohen

It is a total embarrassment that Sacha Baron Cohen (SBC) got any kind of an award with Chaplin's name on it.  To even put SBC in the same country with Chaplin is a travesty.  Chaplin would turn over in his grave to be connected with SBC.  While I personally enjoy SBC in isolation for what he does, don't speak his name in the same company as the genius that Chaplin was and is.

Read the excerpt below and watch the clip of his stunt involving a supposed survivor of City Lights:

"We gave short shrift yesterday to the video ofSacha Baron Cohen‘s acceptance speech, when he took the stage to accept the Charlie Chaplin Britannia Award for Excellence In Comedy. And then murdered the wheelchair-bound 87-year old Grace Collington, right after the unsuspecting audience was told she appeared in Chaplin’s 1931 film City Lights as a 5-year-old.
Is this more outrageous than when Baron Cohen promoted Bruno by giving Eminem an aerial tea-bagging at the 2009 MTV Awards, or when, as The Dictator, he dumped an urn on red carpet interviewer Ryan Seacrest and told him that if anyone asks who you are wearing, you can say Kim Jong Il? Baron Cohen is most certainly keeping the spirit of Andy Kaufman alive, and I think that this week he set the bar to a level even he will be hard pressed to top. Here is his Britannia stunt in two segments, and below that is his MTV Awards and Oscar handiwork"
See the full article and clip of SBC's stunt Here

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