Thursday, August 22, 2013

Steve Jobs: Still in the News

Steve Jobs has been in the news every day, somewhere in the world, for 37 years, since 1976 and still 2 years after his death.  The company he built, Apple, that he left in 1987 and then came back to in 1997, is the worlds largest company.  The Ipod changed the way we listen to music.  The Iphone, introduced in 2007, is still the single most innovative communications product of our time.  The Ipad is now changing the way we consume information.  After Steve Jobs died in October of 2011, the world wondered if Apple would be rudderless under anyone else, but Steve.

Click the link below to follow all news articles related to Steve Jobs and why he remains the Edison, The Picasso of our time.

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Steve in 1976 just Starting Apple Computer

Steve in 1997 in the greatest 2nd act in business history coming back to Apple

Steve in 2011, the year of his death when Apple ruled the world of consumer technology

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