Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Book Taking Shape

A listing of my chapters.  I've added a few since the last time.  I may move them around a bit until I think it's just right, but who knows?

Chapter 1 Chaplin, Kelly, Jobs:  Brief Biographies
Chapter 2 Early Influences
Chapter 3 Hard Work Pays Off
Chapter 4 Timing is Everything
Chapter 5 Rapid Rise to the Top
Chapter 6 Leveraging Fame & Fortune
Chapter 6 The Media
Chapter 7 I’m on Top, Now What?
Chapter 8 The Right Team
Chapter 9 Running a Tight Ship
Chapter 10 Missteps
Chapter 11 Loyalty
Chapter 12 The Next Big Thing
Chapter 13 Creative Freedom
Chapter 14 On Hard Work
Chapter 15 On Politics
Chapter 16 The Competition
Chapter 17 Effects on Those Closest to Them
Chapter 18 Continued Innovation
Chapter 19 The End
Chapter 20 Legacies

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