Thursday, October 10, 2013

Chaplin Tries Ex Girlfriend in City Lights

Unsatisfied with the work of Virginia Cherrill as the blind girl in the last scene from City Lights , Chaplin fires her just as the shooting of the movie is almost complete because she took some time off one day to get her hair done. He brings in Georgia Hale, his leading lady from The Gold Rush, to try in the final scene where the blind girl, now cured, realizes the tramp is the one who helped her to get the sight giving surgery. Still unsatisfied, he brings Virginia back to shoot the scene and he takes the final shot of the movie as no actress could give him what he wanted. Watch here as Georgia tries to provide Chaplin with the performance he wanted.

Georgia Hale from the Gold Rush 1925

Click below to see Georgia's performance as the now cured blind girl.

Click here

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