Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Bold, Brash & Brilliant: The Book is Taking Shape

In trying to write daily to get my book finished by the end of the year, I find myself changing the format, chapter names, order, etc.  I was originally going to do a separate piece on each of my chosen people; Charlie Chaplin, Gene Kelly and Steve Jobs covering similar topics on each and then comparing them at the end, but I've decided to write about the topics, by chapter heading and cover all three men within each chapter.  They'll be separated chronologically, but it will be far easier for the reader to compare and contrast how each man worked their magic.

This is a rough list of some of my chapters that I'll use as topics when writing about each person.

Chapter 2 Early Influences
Chapter 3 Hard Work Pays Off
Chapter 4 Timing is Everything
Chapter 5 Rapid Rise to the Top
Chapter 6 Leveraging Fame & Fortune
Chapter 6 The Media
Chapter 7 I’m on Top, Now What?
Chapter 8 Running a Tight Ship
Chapter 9 Loyalty
Chapter 10 The Right Team
Chapter 11 The Next Big Thing
Chapter 12 On Wealth
Chapter 13 On Hard Work
Chapter 14 Effects on Those Closest

Chapter 15 Retirement

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