Sunday, September 1, 2013

Bold, Brash & Brilliant Book Chapters

Writing a book is as hard as one can imagine.  Deciding on the format is a challenge, but then deciding on specifically what to cover is even more difficult.  It is a work in progress and additional chapters may be added as I get into the meat of the book, beyond the introductory biographies of each man. 

As one book on Chaplin stated, "Most Chaplin biographies were written by people who've read five books and published a sixth."  I didn't want to do the ubiquitous biographical account of Chaplin's, Kelly's or Job's lives.  That has been done to death and there is really nothing new to report unless one of their children or former co workers decided to write about their own experiences.

The book idea truly came from seeing common threads in the lives of Chaplin, Kelly and Jobs as well as other great men and then narrowing the field down to three.  I originally started researching Howard Hughes and even Bruce Lee as they were of the same mindset in their single mindedness when it came to working.  I was concerned about having two men from "Show Business" and one from the tech world, but Jobs and Apple Inc have become intertwined with the entertainment world as convergence takes place with similar tech giants;  Google and Facebook.

The intent of this book is to cover what others have not with an analysis of their lives and work based on the chapters I have listed here and comparing how each dealt with these topics.   The similarities in their work ethic, personal habits and how these affected their employees and family is strikingly similar.

Chapter 1 Chaplin, Kelly, Jobs:  Brief Biographies
Chapter 2 Early Influences
Chapter 3 Hard Work Pays Off
Chapter 4 Timing is Everything
Chapter 5 Rapid Rise to the Top
Chapter 6 Leveraging Fame & Fortune
Chapter 6 The Media
Chapter 7 I’m on Top, Now What?
Chapter 8 The Right Team
Chapter 9 Running a Tight Ship
Chapter 10 Loyalty
Chapter 11 The Next Big Thing
Chapter 12 On Wealth
Chapter 13 On Hard Work
Chapter 14 Effects on Those Closest to Them
Chapter 15 Continued Innovation

Chapter 15 Retirement

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