Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Curiosity Breeds Knowledge

All three men, Chaplin, Kelly and Jobs, were curious about everything and life long learners.  Chaplin, to the best of anyone's knowledge, received barely a 4th grade education.  He learned from the streets and from his fellow performers along the way until he came to America.  He was a keen observer of people and used this hobby for his pantomime.  After he found stardom, he continued his self education by reading books on a wide variety of subjects.  He kept a dictionary at his bedside and would often surprise friends and coworkers with new words.  He would switch from subject to subject as his interests changed and learn all he could until he was an expert.  Chaplin was highly competitive regardless of the subject or sport.  He would converse with the highest echelon of thinkers from around the world.  Einstein, Shaw, Wells and others were counted as his friends.

Gene Kelly was formerly educated with a college degree and even entered law school.  He was also an avid reader and lover of words.  He read poetry and the classics and was able to wow guests and friends with his knowledge. During his highly competitive games of charades at his famous all night parties, he would guess the most obscure word or phrase. He was one of the smartest men in Hollywood and would stop at nothing to get his way.  His competitive spirit was just as extreme when it came to sports.  He could play them all and hated to lose.

Steve Jobs spent only a few years in college, but was also curious about how things worked and would drop in on classes whether he was enrolled or not.  His visits to calligraphy classes led to computers having rich fonts and typeface.  His interest in circuits started from an early age.  At eights years old, he called  Bill Hewlett of Hewlett Packard fame to ask for parts.  He would later work for HP.  Steve, like Chaplin was mostly self educated with a curious mind.  He was brilliant and could make a quick study of anything he put his mind to.

All three men never stopped learning.  They're desire for knowledge was unquenchable.

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