Friday, January 3, 2014

In The Footsteps of Chaplin

On a recent trip to Hollywood, doing research for my book, I couldn't help retracing some footsteps of Charlie Chaplin.  There is a book called, Silent Traces, which chronicles the thousands of silent movies locations then and now.

Douglas Fairbanks Sr Crypt where Chaplin gave a eulogy for his best friend who died so young.

The side entrance to Chaplin's studio on the corner of Le Brae and De Longpree where he filmed part of the movie, A Day's Pleasure, back in 1919.  Standing in the same spot was amazing.
The nondescript grave of Chaplin's mother in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery where Rudolf Valentino, Cecil B. DeMille and many other Hollywood notables are burieds.

A great view of the Mack Sennent Studio as it looked when Chaplin started in movies exactly 100 years ago.

An early camera for the Silent Movies.

Movie Poster for City Lights

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