Saturday, March 29, 2014

Chaplin Footage: Practice or Deleted Scene

This previously unknown footage came from a French documentary called, La Nuissance de Charlot.  The scene shows Chaplin packing up his Treasures; cane, hat, pants and shoes, into a suitcase and leaving an office.  This was shot on a lighted set and is virtually identical to a promo that was made in 1918 called, How to Make Movies.  The promo was shot to celebrate his new studio on La Brea in West Hollywood at his corner office with all of his aides and workers.  The other scene was shot with one actor.

The question is; was this a dry run practice for the later film or was it a deleted scene from the promo.

I believe it to be a deleted scene.  It didn't match the documentary style nature of the promo and was almost laughable in it's setting and mood with the butler.  In the actual promo, his real personal assistant was used as well as his secretary, posse of actors and other workers.

It is so nice to see something new on Chaplin over 100 years old.


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