Saturday, June 29, 2013

Writing Bold, Brash & Brilliant

Writing this book is a labor of love.  The three men I decided to profile were true geniuses, artists and fascinating to research.  Watching Charlie and Gene display their craft in movies has been a learning experience and true entertainment. Watching Steve Jobs in interviews and keynote addresses has been equally thrilling and educational.

By the time this book is finished at the end of this year, I will have read nearly 50 books, reviewed 150 movies and videos and studied nearly 500 articles on these three men.

Deciding how to write the book has been a challenge.  Should I write the book with a constant compare/contrast between Charlie, Gene and Steve, moving from one to the other with an outline of topics or should I work on one at a time moving from Charlie to Gene and then to Steve in time sequence?

I decided to do one at a time for the most part and then to mix it up in the forward and at the end.

How did I choose these three men?  Well, I actually started out with two other people, Howard Hughes and Bruce Lee.  They fit my profile, but in the case of Howard Hughes, after researching him for months, I decided he was simply throwing money at projects and was a fairly unlikable character.  He was a genius and visionary in many fields, but I moved on to Chaplin for that early film era.  As for Bruce Lee, who also fit the profile of a perfectionist and genius, I determined that there was simply not the breadth and depth of information on him to include.  He was also fascinating, likable and a visionary.

Follow along with me as I both write the book and chronicle my journey.

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