Sunday, September 6, 2015

Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine

The tagline Bold, Brilliant Brutal is too similar to mine to be a coincidence.  I'm looking for a copyright infringement lawyer to help me with this.

Looks like a good movie, but the creator and his PR firm stole the idea for their tag line from me. I’ve had a site Bold, Brash and Brilliant and am writing a book, partially about Steve Jobs, with the BBB alliteration for over two years and it’s copyrighted. Now they use Bold, Brilliant and Brutal for their movie. What are the chances of this? I wrote Mr Gibney and he blamed it on the PR firm.

Copyright No. 1-934314871  from May of 2013

I have the copyright for Bold, Brash & Brilliant as it pertains to Steve Jobs.  

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